Is there an age limit?

Undoubtedly, our toughest policy decision concerns this question as we’d prefer to never exclude anyone.  That said, in the interest of safety and the active nature of our offerings, each participant is required to be at least 5 years of age and able to follow our safety rules and instruction as provided on site.

Does Rough House Sports provide supervision

We do…our staff provides supervision over each activity area in use to help ensure the best possible experience for participants and non-participants alike.

Are walk ins welcome?

Weekend General Admission walk ins are welcome on a space available basis, walk-ins are welcome each Saturday evening between 6pm and 8pm..  We highly recommend advance online reservations to help ensure everyone gets their preferred time slot and to reduce the time needed to check in on site.

What activities does Rough House Sports offer?

We provide a range of activities for those ages 5 and up, including our; Nerf Combat Zone, a Ninja Obstacle Course and Dodgeball/Soccer all under BLACKLIGHT.  Each party, or General Admission attendee will have an opportunity to participate in each activity.  For non participants, we offer a comfortable upper deck viewing lounge, refreshments and WIFI access.  Batting cages are available for teams and individuals on a reservation only basis.  (see our Batting Cage page for additional information)”

What attire is recommended?

The one must, other than general attire appropriateness, is closed toe athletic shoes.  Other than that, we recommend participants wear comfortable attire that they can be active in.  Bright neon and white are always a popular choice, you just never know at Rough House Sports when we’ll break into full glow/black light party mode! 

While the kids are kept active pretty much throughout their visit to Rough House Sports, it can get a bit chilly inside for mingling parents…as such, we do encourage non participating parents to dress warm, particularly over the winter months.


Can adults play?

Sure!  In fact, we’re committed to creating an environment where we all can get in touch with our inner kid, regardless of age.  Our slate of activities is purposely designed to provide a great opportunity for fun family and friends time, so by all means, get out there and have at it!

Will our party/group have the entire facility to ourselves?

Typically, there is more than one party in the facility at a time.  That said, each party does rotate to each activity exclusive of other groups or individuals.  Exceptions do occur on occasion, but not without the consent of all concerned.  (i.e. two small/separate groups decide they’d like to join forces)  The other exception being our “Battalion Bash”, available for larger parties that opt to reserve the entire venue…see our “Birthday Party” page for more information.

Do I need to complete a waiver?

Yes.  Like most activity centers these days, we do require that every participant has a signed waiver on file.  Each waiver is good for a year at this location.  For those under 18, the waiver does need to be signed by one of your parents or legal guardian, although they don’t need to be onsite as our waivers are available online by clicking here.

What can I bring as far as food and/or decorations?

Birthday cakes are always a popular item that you’re certainly welcome to bring.  Table decorations are another item you’re welcome to bring.  We have pretty much everything else covered.   As a general rule, other than cakes… outside food and beverages are prohibited.  If you have extenuating circumstances including special dietary needs etc., by all means, feel free to contact us for further discussion.   (additional fees may apply) 

What if my party count changes?

Great question… we’ll phone you 7 to 10 days prior to your party to confirm your party count.  Note, table space is based on availability and every effort will be made to adjust accordingly.  That said, the challenge is easier if only adding 2 or 3 people to the original estimate versus trying to find additional seating if your party just tripled in size!   For reasons that may be apparent, we can’t guarantee seating for material increases in party sizing after the original booking is made.